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Artist Anderson, (born Marlon Anderson), is from Richmond, VA, born and raised.  Artist attended and graduated from Virginia State University and started his career in music as well as his work in the community.


Artist comes from a musical background and is well known as an American singer, rapper, songwriter, and producer. Artist would be one of the foundational members of the international, Stellar & Dove Award Nominated Group G.I.  They went on to have numerous Billboard Radio Hits/Billboard Top Albums. 


Around 2010 Artist was led to leave the group and begin pastoring. Around 2015 Artist was led back to music to begin his solo career. After that, the rest is history. He released his debut EP “Life x Love x Music” in 2016 and his following has been growing ever since. 


While being known for his musical talents he has also been touted as a 21st century shepherd and community leader. In 2016 Artist moved to Las Vegas to build his non-profit ministry, The Renaissance Movement, better known as TRM Global, which now has expanded into multiple cities.


TRM has become a dependable source of encouragement and personal development in all aspects for his committed following. The Renaissance Movement has a vision and assignment to build community and expand a culture. Artist also has a passion and purpose to heal the community by healing the family through community fellowship as well as relationship education.


Artist Anderson is the CEO and founder 4Ever Love, a relationship consultant company and also the founder of The Relationship & Marriage University, also known as TRM-U. Developing a passion to help people improve relationally, and see people educated in relationships fueled the start of this company and university, which was born out of a recognition of a need in our communities. Being taught how to do almost everything in life from a child to adulthood except the very thing that we all must experience and function in from the moment we are born, that being how to effectively have successful relationships of all kinds, was a mystery he wanted to solve and Artist has a call to fill that void and provide the supply for the demand, that being relationship education.

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