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The Always Good Mindset


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The Always Good Mindset, a curriculum developed by mentor and educator Marlon Anderson, is produced as a viable solution to the deficits that occurs in one-on-one and group relationships, both among youth and between youth and adults. He saw this deficit as an opportunity to mold adolescents by helping them develop positive mindsets, optimistic attitudes, effective interpersonal and social skills, and strategies to aid in coping with adversity. In an effort to avoid losing more youth to some of life’s distractions, poor decision making, and lack of life skills, Marlon Anderson has written this curriculum to aid schools, education administrations, parents and students.“There is a gap in developing the youth for the future,” states Anderson. “Youth are becoming more indecisive, rebellious, and disconnected with what will happen in their lives five years from now. Those who come from low-income families, and even wealthy households, often feel alienated from their parents, and most adults, by vastly differing social attitudes, an inability to accept parents as role models, and intense cultural peer pressures. A majority of these youth come from household headed by single female. In these homes, the parent works long hours and is frequently unable to provide guidance, and support. Some of the youth do not live their parents; and those living with grandparents or older relatives, experience further alienation due to the generation gap or lack of emotional attachment. By the time the youth reach adolescence, parents and guardians may find themselves frustrated, disconnected from their children, and unable to understand or effectively communicate with them.”The Always Good Mindset curriculum will significantly improve leadership development, organizational skills, community engagement, positive mindsets, and the right attitude for a successful life. The textbook and workbook include verbal, written, and non-verbal topics for discussion, and include activities to engage youth who may have difficulty relating to other adults, each other, and, most profoundly, themselves. The lessons in the curriculum and workbook will also address identity crisis, self esteem and self-worth, as well as, the daily issues encountered as they make their way in the world. Life challenges such as the lack of positive role models and constant stress will also be addressed.The Always Good Mindset curriculum can help youth take their first step toward envisioning and realizing a better and brighter future.

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