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Discipleship 101: A Book for Disciples


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Jesus said, “Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations”. Readers are invited to delve into the heart of Christian discipleship through a compelling exploration of scripture, personal reflection, and practical application. This insightful guidebook is designed to educate and empower believers to follow Jesus more closely, drawing on the teachings and examples set by Christ and His disciples. This book is written to bring simplicity and to the point understanding of some of the most important subjects regarding discipleship.

Through a series of thought-provoking chapters, the author navigates the essential principles of discipleship, including the gospel, obedience, faith, love, and much more, illustrating each concept with biblical reference and practical application. This book emphasizes the transformative power of discipleship in a believer's life, challenging readers to deepen their relationship with God, embrace a life of service and sacrifice, and engage in the mission of spreading the Gospel. Through this journey, readers will rediscover the joy of walking in the footsteps of Jesus, equipped and inspired to make disciples in their communities. We hope this book becomes a great resource for all believers, especially new believers who want to learn the basics and fundamental topics of discipleship to grow and mature in their walk with God.

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