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The Relationship Manual: Volume 1: Basics to Singleness, Dating, Marriage, & More


45 minutes

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The Relationship Manual, a book developed by mentor and educator Marlon Anderson, is produced as a viable solution to the deficits that occur in relationship education in society regardless of the demographic. Relationship education is a subject matter that has not to be prioritized as critical knowledge necessary for everyday living and for many generations, the simple basics of relationships have not been taught. In a world where we are taught math, science, English, history, health, and more, there should be a place for relationship education. From the day we were born we have been in some way, shape, or form, interacting relationally. Many people fail at relationships because they were never taught or shown the skills needed to make relationships work. There is a gap in development relationally and we need to bring emphasis to the fact that learning how to grow and interact within relationships is critical for the success of all individuals and society as a whole. We need to know how to build, manage, and maintain relationships on a personal level, as well as friendship, companionship, business, and just as importantly, the family levels. This is an opportunity to shape people by helping them develop positive mindsets, optimistic attitudes, effective interpersonal and social skills, and strategies for communication, moving through heartbreak, singleness, dating, engagement, marriage, and more. The Relationship Manual will significantly improve how people view relationships, communication, dating, marriage, and the right attitude for a successful relationship. The lessons in this book will help to educate all people on relationship basics. The aim of this material is to jump-start anybody to educate themselves in the area of relationship so that the world would have an opportunity for greater, more positive experiences when it comes to relationships on all levels. Every generation must gain relationship education tools to become better at the very subject we have no choice but to engage in, and that is relationships..

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